Undergraduate Programs


The objective of the undergraduate English program at Chaminade is to prepare students for graduate or professional studies in English and American Literature, creative writing, and careers demanding a sound foundation in literary studies, close/critical reading, analytical thinking, and excellent written and oral communication skills.

Historical and Political Studies

The Historical and Political Studies program equips students with the knowledge of historical and current affairs at local, national, and international levels, and prepares them for any career by developing the reading, writing, and cognitive skills vital to any career path.

International Studies (International Relations)

The International Studies program enhances students’ capacity to think comprehensively, creatively, and critically about such issues as commerce, finance, governance, social justice, development and human rights and the environment within the context of the relations among states and international institutions, regimes and norms.

Social Studies

It is designed as a State of Hawai’i Department of Education (D.O.E.) approved content area, and may be used by students seeking a State of Hawai’i license to teach in secondary schools.

Environmental + Interior Design

Environmental + Interior Design majors are offered a wide range of courses, exposing them to many diverse aspects of the design profession. Both our B.F.A. and A.A programs are structured to prepare students for a professional career in Interior Design and related fields.


The Humanities program allows students maximum flexibility in developing a depth of interdisciplinary understanding in an area of academic interest that brings together disciplinary perspectives from the humanities, the arts, social and natural sciences.

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies program provides students with a broad knowledge and appreciation of the religious heritage of the East and West in a multi-cultural and inter-religious environment enriched by Catholic and Marianist values.

Prospective Students

We offer a variety of learning opportunities to tailor an environment that fits your needs.  Students who are interested in a traditional, campus-based, four-year program are encouraged to apply through the Admissions Office.  Students who wish to pursue an a degree through online, evening and hybrid courses are should apply through the PACE Undergraduate Program.  Please note that certain majors are only offered in select formats.

Undergraduate Program

Majors Offered

  • English
  • Environmental + Interior Design
  • Historical and Political Studies
  • Humanities
  • International Studies – International Relations
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Studies

Program Characteristics

  • Campus-based, day courses
  • Two semesters per year

PACE Undergraduate Program

Majors Offered

  • English
  • Historical and Political Studies
  • Religious Studies

Program Characteristics

  • Accelerated evening and online courses
  • 10-week terms
  • Four terms per year