Make a plan: The Course Catalog and The Four-Year Plan

Before a faculty advisor is assigned to you, it is important to familiarize yourself with the course catalog. The better your understanding of your program’s course offerings, the easier it will be to select courses that meet your degree prerequisites and major requirements. While the four-year plan is helpful, it’s best used as a guide, as it does not provide as much degree information as the catalog.

Academic Advisors v.s. Faculty Advisors:

While at Chaminade you will have two advisors: an academic advisor and a faculty advisor. The Academic Advising Office provides a number of services that will help you navigate college life, but a faculty advisor will be able to offer guidance relating to your specific course of study. This is especially important when you are choosing upper division courses that match your interests and intellectual passions.

How Do I Get a Faculty Advisor?

You will be assigned to a faculty advisor for guidance once you have officially declared your major. To declare your major, fill out the Declaration of Major Form and submit it to the Academic Advising Office (CTCC 250). Once your form has been submitted, your faculty advisor should be visible on your Portal. Keep in mind that majors are usually declared no later than after the first year and one-half of study.